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Custodian HR is a solution for companies who require something more flexible for managing their employees

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Custodian HR is a solution for companies who require something more flexible for managing their employees. Whether it is just recording time and attendance in order to aid in the payroll production or providing costings of departments, Custodian HR easily completes these tasks.

Custodian Mobile ImageThe Custodian HR software can be hosted on the cloud and can collate information from numerous biometric fingerprint devices on the network, connected to the internet or even through a SIM card on the Custodian Mobile device.

Custodian HR's preferred Biometric partner is the Korean company Nitgen. Nitgen provides extremely reliable, robust, highly functional fingerprint devices which can also be used for an access control solution. The products are in use by numerous governments across the world for voting and border control. Nitgen products have been awarded top place for its fingerprint recognition technology based on the criteria of verification speed and accuracy.

Custodian HR has different user access levels and is made up of 5 distinct modules. These are Time & Attendance, Job Costings, Compliance, Alerts and Rostering. These can be used as a fully integrated package, or only the required modules can be selected.

See a full list of modules below;

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Custodian HR

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