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Custodian Job Costings

Custodian HR Job Costings

Custodian HR is a solution for companies who require something more flexible for managing their employees

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Custodian Job Costings uses the cost set against the employee to calculate the actual cost of the employee over a period of days, weeks, months or between two dates.

The software will accommodate employee costs over sites, departments, job categories (like electricians, plumbers, design staff) and compile then over the required period.

We can also add other personnel to the fingerprint terminals who are not employees to assign a cost to them or their profession, like £20 per hour for an electrician, and we can also attach them as a subcontractor.

If the company policy was to make all personnel to clock into a site we should be able to accurately calculate what all of the costs on a site are even if they are not employed directly by the company.

The advantages of using the software to accurately predict even subcontractor costings should aid in accurate WIP costings and should prevent subcontractor overcharges. Again all reports can be printed or exported into Excel or similar formats

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