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Interprise Suite ERP Software - Authorised Partner for Ireland

Business Intelligence, Case Management, EPOS, Credit Control, Financials, Document Management plus more.
Competitively priced functionality compared to the opposition.
Utilises 'Smart Client' Technology, optimising itself around the chosen connection method. From Single user to 100+ users hosted either on the Cloud or on a Local Server. It can use a combination of Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) as required.
Seamlessly integrated Accounts, Stock, CRM, Ecommerce, EPOS, Mobile, Marketing, etc.
Plugin Architecture allows flexibility and customisation via SDK to add additional bespoke modules.
Microsoft SQL Technology using field level concurrency, XML Web Services, N-tier Technology.
Interprise Suite has been accredited by the Institute of Charterd Accountants in England & Wales. PC Pro gave an overall 5 Star rating for the software.


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